In the morning of September 12th ,   the large-span steel structure of western aircraft maintenance hangar China Eastern airlines was finished ,with a total investment amount of 380 million yuan ,with 155 m , having a solid foundation. 
  The Second Economic Cooperation Activities of Guangdong ,Hongkong and Macao was held in Hongkong in November 20th to November 24th . Airport new city si....
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Xixian New Area is located between Xi'an city and Xianyang city , 10 kilometers from the center of Xi 'an city , 3 kilometers from the center of Xianyang city , Lao river is on the west . The Baotou-maoming highway and Bejing-kunming highway pass through Xixian New Area .
The total planning area is 882 square kilometers including 272 square kilometers used for the construction of five segments—— Airport New City, FengdongNew City ,QinhanNew City , FengxiNew City , JingheNew City . Xixian New Area whose urban residents proportion is 23% , with a population of 900,000 . There are 7 counties, 23 villages and towns . Xixian New Area undertakes the major mission to “construct Xi’an, to spur the central Shaanxi plain and to usher in the northwest”.
AirportNew City , with a total area of 144.18 square kilometers , one of the five group in Xixian New Area , plays an important role in promoting the development of Shaanxi province .+More